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At Riverstone Wellness Collaborative, we value giving back to the community.  It is our philosophy that we all grow stronger when we work together.  Therefore, Riverstone Wellness Collaborative offers the following services in an effort to show our appreciation and support to our community.  

  • Community Speaking and Educational Workshops:

    • Clinicians at Riverstone Wellness Collaborative are available to provide educational presentations to the community on a variety of topics related to mental and emotional health.  

  • Internships:

    • ​Providing internships is one of the ways Riverstone Wellness Collaborative gives back to the community.  Internships allow new clinicians practical opportunities to utilize skills learned in the classroom and to further develop their clinical expertise.  

  • Lending Library:

    • Riverstone Wellness Collaborative offers access to a selection of educational literature and books to current clients.  These resources are made available to compliment the work done in therapy.  

  • Lower Cost Counseling:

    • Through graduate level internships offered at Riverstone Wellness Collaborative we are able to provide lower cost therapeutic services.  

If you are interested in learning more about any of the ways Riverstone Wellness Collaborative gives back, please contact us. 

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